Our Process

Whatever your plans are, the knowledgeable team at Professional Builders are ready to help make your dreams a reality. With access to a wide range of services, products and pre-designed floor plans for log and timber homes, Professional Builders can build and adapt existing plans to suit your needs as well as your budget to create your dream home.

Custom Design Alterations

Another benefit of doing business with Professional Builders is the option of homeowners to make changes to the initial plans without incurring hidden fees or dealing with hidden clauses. Even after construction has begun, changes, adjustments and alterations are part of the package. A fee will only be charged for the additional materials and time necessary for the alteration.


Our design services are available through MossCreek and our partnership with HearthStone for pre-designed styles provides a wide range of choices in floor plans. Professional Builders is a complete package you can count on from start to finish in building or designing your new home. With the company’s stand on quality, clients can be assured each project is meticulously managed with attention to every detail.


With 21 years of service to rely on, Professional Builders can assure you your new North Carolina home is energy efficient, stylish, and constructed with superior material. Our transparent business model means you know what we know, at all times, so the final product will meet with your approval. Our professional staff will keep you informed and updated on the project through pictures and you will always have access to invoices to see how your money is being spent.

Moving In

Professional Builders strives to make the building or remodeling process as easy and stress free as possible. With our open estimating process and cost plus fix fee contract, you’ll know from the get-go what the project will cost. At Professional Builders, our work is guaranteed and there are no hidden agendas.