Green Building

The National Association of Home Builders recognizes insightful companies that look to the environmental future when building, renovating and remodeling homes around the country. And Professional Builders is recognized as a green home builder in North Carolina with the NAHB’s “Certified Green Professional” certification.

We Are North Carolina's Green Building Professionals

When selecting a builder to design and construct a new log home in NC, clients should choose the services of a dedicated team of professionals that care about the creative vision combined with a responsibility to protect natural resources. With the experts at Professional Builders – who have earned the designation as a Certified Green Professional from The National Association of Home Builders – clients have all that, and more, in terms of the methods, services and products used in projects to lessen negative footprints.

What the green certification means to homeowners is Professional Builders will design, build, remodel, or renovate new or existing homes with the utmost care to environmental issues. We pride ourselves on meticulously creating each client’s vision of a vacation, retirement, or permanent home to exact specifications to ensure client satisfaction while maintaining the standards of The National Association of Home Builders. Our goal is to have a minimal impact on the environment during each and every project while focusing on creating an Energy Star home that offers high performance and energy efficiency.

A home that not only saves clients money and energy costs but also maintains comfort levels.

Professional Builders has the insight and integrity in green building practices to assure clients that products and services used are geared towards green living to achieve the best possible performance. Homeowners benefit from incorporating green technology into their North Carolina home projects to realize energy and natural resource conservation while the home itself treads lightly on the environment.